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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 22nd 2019

Absolutely the most professional, knowledgable, and skilled stereo shop I have ever seen, hands down. Also very straight forward, honest, and a real pleasure to deal with. This place is the best by far!

Ron Ishmael

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 24th 2019

If anyone has the need for Tinted windows, Vehicle Wraps, Sound Systems, then I urge you to go talk to any of the knowledgeable employees at EAS and they'll give you expert advice and treat you phenomenally!!

Christopher Waddell

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 24th 2019

The guys at EAS really know what they're doing. They are honest and their work really speaks for itself. David Perez is an all-star and was very prompt and professional. My stereo head-unit was damaged and I had to send the unit out for repair. EAS pulled my stereo out and re-installed it for me in a very timely fashion. They were very accommodating with my schedule. Several different people from work and around town highly recommended EAS and I am so glad I listened.

Gerald Acevedo

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 6th 2019

THIS SHOP IS CUSTOMER SERVICE FOCUSED!!!!These guys do an Amazing!!!!!! First time I came to these guy was for my Stereo because CarToys messed up with some wiring on TWO Stereos in my Civic!!!! 2nd Time I went was to get a bass system installed. The system the used first wasnt working properly so Randy went ahead and Ordered anothered one. A couple days later came into the Shop to get the Bass system installed and they went above and beyond. They installed a better sounding Stereo in my car to apologize for the inconvenience! I was blown away on what they did! Awesome stereo at night extra charge! THIS DOESNT HAPPEN to everybody but theses guys know what they are doing and they want to earn your business!!!!!!!!!!! They will work around your budget on what you want to get done and they are honest and professional. (They did not pay me or do this stuff to get me to write a great review! Seriously.)

Ashleigh Hittle

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 6th 2019

This is by far the best in Colorado. Locally owned and operated, superior customer service, they're professional friendly and completely educated on their field. There is an obvious pride in their craftsmanship and final product. Expect a "can-do" experience on any job, a variety of services offered, attention to detail, fair and competitive prices for expert installed products, and always prompt delivery of services. EAS has worked very had to become highly respected in the community, and they'll work just as had to ensure that you'll feel just as respected as their client. EAS goes above and beyond to meet the highest of all standards. It's no wonder they are growing so rapidly. I'll never go anywhere else for anything that EAS can provide. They don't just do car audio, one of the owners, Sam Teeters has now opened Creative Consortium within EAS to do even more amazing things such as screen printing, business signs (lit or unlit), custom fabrication, custom vinyl wraps, wall wraps, banners, display items, stickers, window tint, car detailing services, custom stereo and speaker installation, remote starters, paint protection film, speed detection systems, sound dampening, and more! Any vehicle I ever drive will always rock EAS craftsmanship, they're just that good... but don't take my word for it. Go find out!

Christina Martinez

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 9th 2019

I received a gift certificate for EAS to have a remote starter put in my car. When I went in to redeem it, everything was already paid in full. I dealt directly with Alex and even though I already had my service paid for in advance, Alex really took care of me. He was thoughtful and thorough in what I was getting and what kind of upgrade options I had if I desired. I also asked Alex numerous questions about Bluetooth stereo installation and other equipment. I ended up not purchasing any upgrades or additional items yet, but Alex was patient and very nice about everything. I also had my kids with me and he put on some fun videos for them to watch and kept them entertained. He even showed us all some really cool cars they had in their garage and my boys were really excited about seeing those. When I went to pick up my car after having the remote starter installed, Alex stayed late because I was a little late after their business hours picking up my car. EAS had great customer service and overall I would highly recommend them for your car needs. Give Alex a call and he will take care of you!

Arin Bazzarone

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 11th 2018

We have used EAS multiple times for multiple services on all our vehicles and my husbands business. The staff treats my whole family like we have all been friends for years. Their attention to detail and customer service surpasses any expectation. I highly recommend using EAS if you want quality work done whether your looking for small upgrades or a full overhaul. They will treat you great no matter what!

Eric Oliver

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on June 12th 2018

The team at Elite Auto Salon treat customers like family and customer vehicles like they were their own. The pride in craftsmanship shines from every employee. If you need some custom auto sound fabrication, window tint, paint protection, etc... They do it all here and its worth the drive from virtually anywhere in Colorado. They will not let you leave disappointed.

Alex Rivers

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 14th 2018

Will provides top notch professional customer service everyday, every time I called to check on my car. Randy was a wealth of knowledge and helped me select the best option to upgrade my sound and navigation system. I feel like I have a brand new car. Alex and Randy gave an in-depth tutorial for Apple Car Play and Android Auto. They were able to answer all of my questions and the best part was they washed, waxed and shined my car before pick up. Thank you EAS!!

Will Smith

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 12th 2018

Hands Down the very best in town. If you have a high end vehicle or a car you deeply care about THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! Alex is the man always there to answer all my questions can always order the rare hard to find custom parts I need for my customers. I am a free lance Car Audio Installer and Alex is always on time with parts.

arthur mata

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 27th 2018

I've been going to Elite Auto Salon for quite some time now. Main reason isn't for there high quality products, awesome costumer service, or the great environment. The main reason is there "integrity", most business in the Springs can promise you the world when it comes to your second home (car). But the moment you leave the lot and pay for there service that's all legally what there responsable for. So say some wires don't go well after a car wash since someone forgot to seal them up, or some how your new dashboard on the system they installed is faulty as hell..... Welp not there problem (not there fault) so you're left high and dry and spending more money on top of what you originally... ......... OK you see we're I'm going here?! Look with Alex and the rest of EAS you are guaranteed not to do deal with that type of hassle. Everyone at EAS are extraordinary group of people with great skill, respect, integrity, and knowledge. In which they make sure you are informed on what you want and or have. Look I know this is long and I'm not an English major, so forgive me on my part for this review. All I'm here to do is to let you know that These guys are great. If you had doubts before on getting a good price, and a quality product for your mobile home. These guys will put you at ease. Update : now they have main man Tony on their side!! So they do shirts..... So fabrics, car audio, wraps, stickers... Jesus these guys do everything now!!!! These guys are changing the game here in the Springs, my statement hasn't changed from the last time, they have gone above and beyond when it comes to their customers. There is no competition when it come to Elite Auto Salon!I

Jessica Gifford

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 5th 2018

Super knowledgeable and friendly staff! They treat every customer with the same respect and care as the next. Clean facility, first-rate installers. They work with the best products on the market in every aspect. These guys really know their stuff and they're not afraid to show you! They give tours of the facility. Most places won't even let you in the back. This place is an experience, not a store.

James Gale

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 22nd 2017

Thank you Aric and the Team at Elite - great customer service and the sound is amazing.


Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 17th 2017

They did an amazing job on my subs in my charger! Now I have some epic bass with a nice LED accent in the truck. They tuned it perfectly so there is plenty of boom yet good sound quality.

Steve Bartley

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 28th 2016

This was my first visit to EAS; sure won't be my last now that I have discovered them. Exceptional customer service, fast and professional. Seth and Alex handled everything with courtesy and respect, just as advertised. 5 thumbs up for a terrific experience and a great Staff. These folks walk on water and eat fire in my book on everything custom, sound, audio, decals, and elegant body wraps.

Kevin S

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 19th 2016

I called numerous companies in Colorado Springs before deciding where to have new audio/video equipment installed in my car. As I stated to Alex on the phone, I was interested in finding the best value when deciding where to have the work done. To me, best value means: craftsmanship, warranty, and cost. EAS offered soldering of all electrical connections, requested they have my car for a couple hours longer than any other shop, and offered lifetime warranty for the labor....all at a fair, competitive price. I was able to schedule my install within a few days. When I arrived at their shop I was greeted promptly. At my request, I was able to meet with Cameron who would be doing the installation. Cameron took time to discuss things like: XM antenna location, Bluetooth mic location, wire routing paths, and my other specific requests and questions. I appreciated being able to ask questions, get recommendations, and provide my input to Cameron directly. After the work was complete, Cameron spent time with me explaining how all of the new equipment works. I've been using the new system for approximately two days now and all seems to be working as promised. I would use EAS again for car audio/video needs.

Griffin Eldridge

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 14th 2016

These guys are awesome. Have had three different vehicles in with them and they always do a fantastic job. Very professional and follow up their work. If I ever have an issue with my sound system I just stop by and they look at it while I wait and fix it on site. I've worked with Alex and Cameron, both very professional individuals. Highly recommended shop, prices are fair for the quality of products they carry and the type of work they perform. A+ all the way around.

Paul Lewis

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 9th 2016

These guys are terrific. I have a 2002 model car with stone-age audio and GPS. The folks here had excellent knowledge of the available systems to bring my car up to date with a backup camera, Android Auto, and top notch audio. I was so pleased with what they did that I went back a second time to get my windows tinted and an interior detailing. Everything was perfect. These guys take real pride in their work.

john nielsen

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 8th 2016

EAS recently did a stereo install for me. Everyone I interacted with was polite and very proffesional. Cameron the main installer met with me and went over every detail that I wanted and made sure we had a plan. The install was speakers amps and a DSP. It was all done perfectly. The sound is amazing and the install is top notch. My friends are jealous. I do plan on returning for a remote start and wrap for the front end of my ride. 100% satisfaction with EAS, use them with confidence. Cameron said my install is gauranteed for life, can't beat that.

Brian Stengle

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on October 23rd 2016

Can"t say enough great thing"s about the guy"s at EAS everybody there was friendly, helpful, professional.They installed a stereo & speakers in a 26 year old truck which is being restored. They did an exellent job!! look"s like it came with truck! my thank"s to all the guy"s at EAS especially ALEX, ARIC. thank you.

Billy Rose

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on October 6th 2016

Glad I stopped by and chatted them up about some equipment that I wanted installed. They went above and beyond their competition on both their pricing and the customer service I was provided. Check out their facebook page as they have frequent updates about projects and installations.

Chris Logan

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on October 5th 2016

Freaking awesome. I couldn't believe that craftsmanship that I received and the quality of their customer service. Definitely recommend for your stereo services, and everything else that they offer. The quality of the custom center console that they built for me is unparalleled. 10/5!

Chris Logan

Reviewed 5-stars on Facebook on August 26th 2016

I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota and I went to Elite Auto Salon to have a custom center console and stereo system installed. The quality of customer service, the quality of their craftsmanship, and their support system is top notch. I couldn't believe that amount of service that I received, really unparalleled to any auto place I've been to. It really gave new life to an older truck, and I'm already planning on returning and having them do a simple wrap done as well. I'm still speechless of the quality that I had received, and I really do appreciate their work. Thanks, EAS!

Donny Chrissy Andrade

Reviewed 5-stars on Facebook on August 21st 2016

Best in the state. Top notch customer service from design to install.

Steve Keefer

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on August 2nd 2016

One word... AMAZING!!! They totally transformed my truck with a iPad Pro install and then Sub Woofer and amp install. I'm not into the whole stereo competition thing but I truly believe my truck is compition ready! They are truly PROS at what they do!!

Steve Hitchcock

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 20th 2016

Amazing folks with a strong work ethic. The shop is very clean and the staff are exceptionally professional. In addition, the attention to detail and creativity that EAS provided in unparalleled. Whether it is sound system upgrade/installation or custom wraps (vehicle, building, really anything) these guys are top notch. I have watched them grow over the past 2 years and I cannot believe how well they stay at the curling edge of everything they do.

Deanna Rivera

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 14th 2016

Definitely worth the money!!!!!!! Pretty much got my whole car audio system upgraded here and the Audison Bit One installed! Professional and dope work. My system in my car now sounds so GUCCI!!!!!! So loud and so clear! Thanks Alex for the recommendations! Great shop

Kris Mahaffey

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 9th 2016

Elite Auto Salon did an amazing job on the stereo upgrade to my Tesla P85. The team was committed to achieving the results that I wanted, they stopped at nothing to make this happen. Timothy, Sam, and Cameron are the best in the car audio business. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch audio upgrade from start to finish.

Steven Arciaga

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on June 10th 2016

Cameron was phenomenal! Highly recommend him and Elite Auto Salon for all your car audio needs!

Beau Jordan

Reviewed 5-stars on Facebook on May 16th 2016

Exceptional workmanship backed by an exceptional company. Everything I have done with them has been best in class from car audio to basic tinting. ~3 years after the initial build there was a component issue. They worked with the vendor on the fix even through it was out of warranty and then proceeded to rebuild the custom fab work they completed with a new look. All free and clear of charge. That is service.

Steve A Keefer

Reviewed 5-stars on Facebook on April 29th 2016

These guys do amazing work!! Installed iPad Pro in my truck and it turned out awesome.....

Matt Dickey

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 20th 2016

I've had two cars customized with EAS and their work is superb. Tint, clear bra and two sound systems. Unbelievable quality in everything they do, my Truck sounds amazing!

Ellie Koen

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 14th 2016

Cameron was very patient in listening to my issue and troubleshooted in he found a solution. Great experience!

Kat Adams

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 11th 2016

I have brought 3 cars here so far for various things from window tint, full front clear bra, and an entire stereo upgrade. EAS does not disappoint; their work far surpasses any I have seen and I will gladly continue to bring any of my vehicles to them. They take pride in what they do and it clearly shows every time. I live near Boulder and the commute does not change my mind on where I take my vehicles, I will always bring them to EAS.

David Amess

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 5th 2016

Sam, Timothy and their staff are perfectionist at everything they do. They make sure you are happy with every install and application and provide great customer service. They have modified the majority of all of my autos. You can't go wrong with Elite Auto Salon!

Aaron Marshall

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 25th 2016

I melted my JL audio door speakers pushing them too hard. EAS found me a superior upgrade, installed them and had me out in the same day! I can't say enough good things about their service. They even layed out a sweet upgrade path for my future component replacements. You can trust these cats to take care of you and your ride! Thanks a million EAS!

Levi Heidrich

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 20th 2016

Timothy, Same, Teeter, Lorin, and Tony are great guys. They do all the wraps on our company trucks as well as stereo and window tint when needed. Wouldn't recommend anyone else. Truly great at what they do. Definitely worth the $$$.

LJ Lucero

Reviewed 1-star on Facebook on November 16th 2015

Had to take our car back 3 times to fix the system we had installed. Waste of time and money.

Bill W.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on January 14th 2015

Astounding customer service in an otherwise mass market oriented industry. Timothy is as patient as he is technically competent. They are not cheap, but the quality of components and all-important installation is absolutely top notch.

Connie W.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on December 4th 2014

I just called Wednesday to get some info on troubleshooting my amp and sub I hooked up myself. Haven't had money, or time to get it legitimately troubleshot. It's been 5 months! Anyway, Alex told me too bring my car in and they'd look at it for free... brought it in Thursday, and he installed a new fuse for free for me! I'm SO GRATEFUL that I made a yelp account, downloaded this app, and wrote this all because of how AMAZINGLY I was treated. Nice people and good companies are so hard to find now and I want everyone to know how happy my soul is now that my music has that deep bass again!

Joseph Cathey

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 18th 2014

I went to EAS to investigate their options for custom car audio. They were a little over my price point, but after seeing the quality of work they do I was sold. During the process they ran into a hitch where they would need to put a small hole in my door panels to accommodate my chosen setup. They called me first, let me know the issue, and asked for permission. I was not disappointed with their work; the system looks like it was built with the car. These guys were friendly and professional the moment I walked in the door and took the time to create an excellent experience. If you need a custom job done for any car, go here.

Justin Burns

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 22nd 2014

The guys at EAS are simply the best. From car audio to full vehicle wraps, they don't miss any detail. They are easy to work with, responsive and flexible. They also take the time to treat every customer like they are #1. EAS installed a new deck and enabled my truck with bluetooth audio. They also tinted the windows in my new BMW. I would trust them with my father-in-laws car, if I had one. ;-) Stop going to national chains that don't know your name or care about your business. EAS is the authority in S. Colorado and deserves the right to have my business. Why, because they've earned it!

Michael Vickers

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 2nd 2014

HI, I would like to write a review about how excellent of a shop elite audio salon is. I would first like to say that I almost never write reviews but I felt that this review was warranted to EAS for the excellent service that had been provided. I went to EAS because I was looking for a place that did honest work and that also had a excellent record in good customer service which EAS excels in. I found EAS after searching online reviews I took notice that they are the only car audio shop in Colorado that has all positive reviews. I figured after extensive review reading that I would give them a try and see if all the positive reviews where legit. although I live in Denver and the drive to Colorado springs would be quite far I felt that it would be worth the drive to get excellent service unlike all the crappy car audio place's in Denver. I have had nothing but bad experiences with car audio shops around the Denver metro area mainly CAR TOYS WATCH OUT FOR THEM ! My experience with car toys has been nothing but bad. Car toys will destroy your car and they will do crappy half fast shitty work. Car toys will not even honor there own work. I found from personal experience that Car toys will rip you off they charge you the most premium for there crook work. I have also found out though my own investigation that Car toys will also charge you for things that that they do not even do or install to rip off an unsuspecting consumer. I have went to three different car toys in the metro Denver area and each one did a crappy job that resulted in permanent damage to my brand new 2012 car. A word of advice stay far away from those crooks at car toys they are in the business solely to rip consumers off period ! I wish that some day fox 31 or 9 news would do one of those undercover stings and put car toys in the spot lights as low down crooks that they are and I'm sure that the hundreds of negative reviews car toys has received would validate my claims. I am sorry for getting off topic but Just thinking of car toys gets my blood boiling. EAS is the exact opposite of car toys the first time that I went to EAS I had an indash navigation unit installed. The guys where great and where also very polite and helpful. I liked how they took the time to walk you through everything and made you feel like your satisfaction is there top priority. EAS has to be the most honest shop that I have ever stepped foot in ! The price that they quote you is the price you pay no hidden fees if they say over the phone 100 for the job 100 is what you pay they do not nickel and dime there customers like other places do. The second time I went there was to have speakers put back in my car. I had the same experience as the first time polite, honest reliable quality service. I have had zero issue's with the work that I had done at EAS. I feel that they are the premier audio shop in Colorado. I would rate EAS A+ and would highly recommend them to anybody looking for excellent service in the car audio. I know it is a far drive from metro Denver but you will not be disappointed with the work they do. EAS please open a shop in Denver and show these other idiots what honest quality work looks like and how it should be. Thank you, Michael

Michael S.

Reviewed 1-star on Yelp on February 26th 2014

I came here around get a backup camera installed and ended up with a screw drilled in both of my rear tires due to me refusing to pay full price for a backup camera that apparently didn't work..I just think that they didn't know how to install it correctly because I had moved around a few wires and got it to work afterwards.... "So beware"if you have an altercation here...

Scott P.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on February 2nd 2014

Second time I've brought my vehicle in for some work. First time was just a head unit install with backup camera on my Toyota Tundra. Excellent work, great service and fair prices. This time was going to be more intense. My new Audi S4 needed some loving! First, I had some lovely "dealer installed swirls" that I wanted to get removed, so they did their swirl-free detail. Impeccable job, and the paint really pops now. Also had some vinyl put on the front bumper area to cover some license plate holder holes (the color match is unreal). Clear bra (Suntek film is so much better than the 3M I've had on other can barely see the line whereas the 3M was very noticeable), and window tint. And to round out my car's "salon" treatment, custom audio with new speakers, OEM integration with a Bit One sound processor, amp, subwoofer, and a custom subwoofer enclosure to keep things clean, neat and retain trunk space. The install is very professional, and per my request, low-key and hidden. Meanwhile, all the components (amp, DSP, subwoofer enclosure) are modular and serviceable. Unfortunately, the sub channel on my amp was DOA, but Tim and the guys at EAS did everything they could to make it as painless to me as possible. They went ahead and finished everything up and returned the car to me while a new amp was ordered. Once it was in, I brought the car back and they quickly replaced it (easily done since it was installed in such a serviceable manner ;) ) I'm very happy with my experience here and highly recommend them for any of the work they do. I've now experienced a wide range of their offerings, and I haven't been disappointed with any part of it.

Vince G.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on January 24th 2014

This is the best place for car accessories. Not your standard CarToys, instead very professional and great sounding gear. Go see Timothy!

Derek R.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on January 15th 2014

Had a radio installed and had a great experience with this company. I called around to half a dozen different places in town and ended up going with them due to their competence and competitive prices. Set up the appointment over the phone and they ordered the parts, brought it in for the install and despite a mix up on the appointment time, they still got me in right away and had the radio installed in less than an hour. The workmanship is great, and they were very thorough explaining how everything was installed. They returned the old parts and everything was nicely laid out in my car. Would definitely use them again for any type of interior work on my car.

Phillip McQuilliams

Reviewed 5-stars on Facebook on December 14th 2013

Great place with knowledgeable staff, high end stereo and anything vinyl!

Chris Krambeer

Reviewed 5-stars on Facebook on June 1st 2013

Amazing work. Super professional. And super good quality products.

Justin McBride

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 22nd 2013

These guys are the best. There's truly not much else to say. The quality of their work is astonishing.. They use high-level materials and like to do projects the right way. They sell the highest tier of car speakers and have a great showroom with samples to show them off.You're encouraged to bring in your OWN music so that you can find the speakers that sound the best to you. The owners Tim and Sam are very involved in every project and are extremely knowledgeable. They're also friendly and willing to spend time talking to you. The quality of their shop has improved ten fold since they have moved to the new location off Powers. There was noting wrong with the old location, but this new one truly showcases the talent and quality of the shop. (The one problem being minimally annoying access, but that's a first world problem). Another great thing is how eager they are to share their own projects. They truly love what they do, and it shows through the work they've done. But all this comes at a price. They're not cheap! You get what you pay for though. More so than I've ever seen.

Casey Pitt

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 22nd 2013

Had a new deck put in about 2 weeks ago, they did awesome! Everyone was friendly and they've got great customer service!

Colson H.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on March 23rd 2013

Elite, by definition means: "The best or most skilled members of a group". This establishment honestly does live up to the name. I had Focal speakers installed, my headlights and tailights wrapped with a dark film and my side mirriors wrapped in a gloss black 3M film. I own a 2010 Volkswagen CC, and the relativly small amount of improvements make to it stand out from the rest in a vast sea of cars. I cant begin to explain how both Timmothy and Tony are such knowledgeable men in the field of work. it was very much enjoyable listening to them both speak in depth about their passions. It made me feel as though my vehicle was in the best hands possible. Even though you're going to be paying for top quality products and true expertise, the prices are VERY competitive compaired to the auto improvement shops in the greater Colorado Springs area. In all fairness, Elite Audio Solutions cannot be compaired to most of the other auto improvement shops in Colorado Springs, because they honestly are a step above the rest. To wrap it all up (no pun intended) it was a true pleasure working with the gentleman of Elite Audio Solutions, the Focal's sound GREAT thanks to Timmothy's expertise and the films are done with a precision only found by Tony. Honestly people; please, just stop by the shop. That's what I did, and you'll soon realize just how awesome they are. I did and it most definantly changed my auto modification "quest" for the better.

Phil S.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on January 12th 2013

These guys are absolute professionals. They stock high end, high quality audio equipment at extremely fair prices and did an excellent job on my tuning and install. I'd recommend this shop to anyone serious about car audio.

Nathan Powell

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on December 22nd 2012

The guys over at EAS are top notch. They just moved into a new store at Victor Place and the design factor was taken well into consideration. EAS sells a few high-end brands such as Audison and Hertz (if you get a chance, stop by and demo the Hertz 850XL... you'll never want to go back to stock again.) I took my Chrysler in to have a Viper 5704 installed. Its a very complex system requiring a lot of time and effort. I dropped the car off at 10am and had it back at 6:30pm the same day. I would like to note that they stayed a half-hour past closing time to ensure the job was done correctly and professionally, I couldn't be happier with their customer service. They do more than just 12 volt installs. Some of their services include custom boxes for subs, sound deadening, and detailing. The only thing these guys don't cover is mechanical work. I was throughly impressed with the service at EAS, they are one of the few shops in Colorado Springs who understand that the customer is the most important part of a successful business, they'll be seeing me there quite often.

Mark Hubbard

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on December 22nd 2012

These guys rock.!!! I called around to have a 7 inch DVD in dash stereo installed. Car toys wanted $300. Alternative source wouldn't do it. Quality auto sound wanted over $200. I didn't have to call anywhere else! I found these boys & they did it for less than $100!!! I will definitely use & recommend them in the future!!! all my service will be done by them!!! Thanks guys great job! ROCK ON!!! Don't miss the Grand opening on December 8 at their new location! Thanks from Eastern Plains Towing II & Storage


Reviewed 5-stars on Dex on September 12th 2012

If you are looking for excellent workmanship, knowledgeable staff and professionalism and a fair and reasonable price in car audio look no futher EAS is the place to go. I recently took my 2005 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner Access Cab to EAS, and wanted a custom sub woofer ported box down-firing box built. I spoke to Sam and told him exactly what I wanted on my truck, and his young installer by the name of Cameron, built me a custom box for my 12 inch subwoofer's exact specifications. I drove from Denver to Colorado Springs and waited in the shop until my box was built. I also spoke to Tim another EAS employee, and he was very knowledgeable in car audio and as well as music, the guy has really good taste in music. After a few hours, Cameron called me in to see the finished product, and I must say he exceeded my expectations. The custom box came out amazing, it looked like it came from the Toyota Factory. Not only did the box look amazing, it also sounded spectacular since I love all genre's of music. I now know why Cameron was ranked Top 50 Mobile Electronics Installers in the nation. All I can say, if anyone out there wants an awesome car audio system go to EAS the guys there are friendly, knowledgeable and will take care of you.

Jonathan B.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on July 29th 2012

These guys are great. I went to them with a very simple request, but their care and courtesy astounded me. They did a great job with my installation which looked much better than I ever expected. I actually never made it to the shop. Wife took care of it for me, but she told me how kind and courteous they were to her. I'm not a huge car audio guy, but if I ever have any need in the future, I know exactly where I'll go. I won't even consider another place.

Kevin Crone

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 26th 2012

This shop did a great job! They went through my old wiring and set everything straight and put in my sub that I had taken out a while back. Really nice and honest workers and I couldn't be happier with my hookup.

Google User

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 26th 2012

Elite Audio Solutions is the place to go for car audio! I am extremely impressed with the transformation of my car in such a short time. For those of you looking for car audio this is the place to go! The custom box built for my car looks phenomenal and sounds even better. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable, the prices were reasonable, and the quality is exceptional. Stop by and see for yourself what all these satisfied customers are talking about.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 26th 2012

Just awesome, extremely polite, gave me a tour of the shop and quickly set the gain on my amp. They are a rare breed of shops nowdays with a true commitment to customer satisfaction. By far the best shop I have ever been to.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 26th 2012

There are not enough words for how amazing this shop is. They are fast and very friendly. They explained what was wrong with my system and even let me watch while my custom box was being made for my new sub. I know nothing about car audio but after a quick walk through of the shop and what they were going to do I was confident that they had helped me pick out the exact system for my needs. I had previously been quoted a price by another shop and they wanted to charge me double the price EAS charged me and they were not going to make the custom box for under my seat. You would never know my speaker and amp are in my truck! On top of the Sub woofer with the custom fiberglass box and amp thy also rewired the off road lights that the previous owner had installed, fixed them and installed my own switch. I will recommend EAS to all of my friends, I am extremely satisfied.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 26th 2012

Outstanding shop. I had to get something fixed that I broke during a DIY. I called the big box stores in town and they wanted to set up an appointment just to take a look at the problem. I called EAS and they told me to come right in. These guys are enthusiastic about what they do and it showed in the work that was on display in their garage. They had my car audio repaired in 20 minutes. They charged me a fraction of what I was prepared to pay. I'll definitely be back to EAS when it's time for some big projects.


Reviewed 5-stars on Dex on January 20th 2012

Yesterday I had a few extra minutes so I dropped by EAS to get a quote on new speakers for my husbands car. I wanted to get him some new speakers for his upcoming birthday. I walked out an hour later spending less than I had anticipated and getting the job done RIGHT THEN! What impressed me the most was that I had planned on buying 4 new speakers (front and back) but Timothy was honest with me and said the back speakers were in fairly good shape so why spend the extra cash. I upgraded the front speakers and still spent less than I had anticipated. AWESOME group of people who make customer service their specialty...that's hard to find these days. I HIGHLY recommend EAS for your car stereo (and detailing) needs.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on December 26th 2011

Simply awesome! Great group of guys and military friendly. Their support goes a long way on their products and they take the time to do it right. After installing some Hertz mids/highs, Audison Bit Ten, and Audison 5.1K coupled with my 10" JL W3 Stealthbox I couldn't help but write them a letter of appreciation on how they could turn audio into an art form but these guys do and I haven't even installed sound deadening. Their custom boxes are awesome and shop is immaculate with some pretty nice vehicles always in the works including mine if I do say so myself ha. At least give them a call.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on September 26th 2011

I needed to replace the speaker on the "Sonar backing system" for my car - Nissan was going to charge over $350, so I called a couple of other shops around town - all with similar pricing many of which required over a week to get the part in. I saw these guys in the phone book and when I contacted them the gentleman told me the serious concern for safety- explaining that when an individual has gotten used to a backing sensor they are at more risk of hitting an object or heaven forbid something else. Based on the potential risks they told me they would be able to fit me in that day! I went down there and I was in and out within the hour. But, that wasn't the best part.... I had told them the price ranges that I had been quoted and asked them if they would be able to do better than that - boy was I surprised!! They gave me an AMAZING price!!! (It was just a fraction of what I had been quoted from everyone else) Once they started on the work, I asked the owner/manager if it would be all right if we looked around a bit while we waited, he stopped what he was doing and actually gave us a tour of the entire facility! - THEN we were able to play a game of pool - as opposed to sitting and watching TV or reading a magazine. These guys are professional, efficient, and honest - they have earned not only my respect, but ALL of my business going forward. Thanks! Suzanne

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on September 26th 2011

I needed an iPod connection installed so I decided to do a little research on who to take my car to. I found EAS on google and since then I have had over $10000 of audio sound put into my car. Im glad I found them. They are true professionals and will send all my friends.

Kenneth Miller

Reviewed 5-stars on Dex on September 2nd 2011

I have a 1968 mustang. EAS designed a first of it's kind custom stero system for my car. With this custom design audio system my 68 mustang has won many shows. To include a National MCA show. Timothy and Sam have also been a great moral surport team . I can say that EAS is one of the best if not the best in the custom audio biz . Not to forget anyone Terk also a member of the EAS TEAM took very good care of my 68 mustang on the out side. Terk is one of the best paint and body guys around the Springs. He new what my car needed to keep the showroom look for a long time. So if you looking to build dreams EAS is the place you want to go.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on June 26th 2011

They can do it all, car audio, sound dampening, alarms.. Very friendly, very helpful, if you are a DIYer these guys will point you in the right direction, would recommend EAS to everyone.

Gary 5.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on June 14th 2011

Timothy and Sam took their time to ensure that my future upgrades are logical and feasible. I look forward to the final product.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 26th 2011

Best costumer service i have ever found with the lowest prices, beating the competition with out a sweat. VERY FRIENDLY, VERY FAST, VERY REASONABLE!!!


Reviewed 5-stars on Dex on May 19th 2011

Was looking to boost the sound in my BMW without breaking my wallet. Went to several autosound dealers and was discouraged by the price and sales approach. Stopped at EAS, and the first thing Sam did was listen to my current system. After that, he recommended a speaker upgrade. $300 later, I have a better sounding system. Have to say, the advice was spot on, along with the installation and price. Drove away feeling good about the choice I made. Highly recommend EAS, and will be using them in the future for more than just my audio.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 26th 2011

Great work, very fast and professional!! I would highly recommend these guys to anybody who wants any type of work done to your car, truck or suv they can do it and do it right the first time. Great Work Guys Thanks!!

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 26th 2011

Timothy and the crew that worked on my IS-F did a superb job. These guys are professionals and I would not hesitate bringing another high end automobile to them for aftermarket work. I don't think there is anyone else in Colorado Springs who does the high quality installation work that these guys do.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 26th 2011

The best place to take your vehicle for any car audio needs. They have installed sound deadening throughout my car as well as amps, speakers and a headunit. They custom fabbed me a box for 2 10's in an access cab tacoma without losing any seating or leg room and that is no easy feat. Their work is the best in town and very affordable. They are not there to rip you off or scam you, they are hands down the most professional shop I have dealt with.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 26th 2011

Sam did an awesome job on my BMW! My car sounds great with the new Hertz component speakers! After allowing a local business with less knowledgeable installers hack up my ride, I relied on advice from EAS on how to fix the problems that the other business / installer created. EAS is the only place I'll allow to work on my vehicle from now on!

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 26th 2011

This is hands down the best car audio shop in town. They are extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I would recommend these guys for anyone wanting any type of car audio.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 26th 2011

After my first positive experience with Elite Audio Solutions for a small install, I went back to them with a major project. I knew what I wanted, they got it for me and did a professional installation. They did not try to sell me anything. They are professional installers not commissioned salesmen. Don't waste your time or money going anyplace else.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 26th 2011

I don't even know where to start! I've gone to just about everywhere in Colorado Springs for car audio and EAS is BY FAR the best. They listen to what you have to say, give you a tour of thier entire shop, explain to you what car audio is about, and actually make you feel valued. Almost all other places want you there for your money and don't care about quality or thier customers (I know), but the team at EAS sets customers and quality first. While they installed my system they let me watch how they did it and let me work on my car abit while they were doing it. Other places don't even let you in there installation garage. I'm an EXTREMELY satisfied customer, and will not go anywhere else for my installation and knowledge needs. Thank you Sam, Timothy, and Jeff!

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 26th 2011

It is great to take your vehicle to someone who is enthusiastic about the work that they are doing. I looked all over Colorado for a suitable installer, and upon finding Elite Audio Solutions I met people that are passionate about car audio, and will make sure you leave happy. They offer high quality products and their attention to detail on the install will match. I have made the commute from Fort Collins twice now, and it is well worth the extra commute. Clean shop, and very accommodating to your needs.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 26th 2010

I've dealt with a few car audio shops in the past. but i had no idea what customer service and quality was until i was introduced to EAS. custom work that I didn't know was possible. always recommended to everybody. hands down, best place in Colorado.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 26th 2010

I've had the pleasure of having a custom built EAS masterpiece. Ive been around the car audio circuit enough to know that its really does matter who you choose to build your system. The people at Elite build and install with a sense of pride. They do the highest level of work anywhere in Colorado. You combine the best equipment (Hertz/Audison) with the best audio technicians around and what you get is the best sounding and performing system you can ask for. Why settle for gimmicks and cheap installs. Use the best and get the best. Elite Audio Solutions is in a class of its own.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on October 26th 2010

Es el mejor sitio para un grandioso equipo d musica. Si escucha regueton o hip hop bueno lo q sea solo le dice lo q quieres y como lo quieres y te aseguro q lo haran. Las cajas para los SUB o bajos lo hacen con tu nombre, bandera, simbolo bueno lo que quieras ponerle ellos los hacen. Si el dinero no alcanza buscan la manera d ayudarte para q te lleves tu equipo. La garantia es 3 anos, solo lo lleva y te los reemplaza. Te aseguro q entras como cliente y sales como amigo pq el servicio al cliente es de lo maximo. THEY ARE THE BEST IN COLORADO!!! I been in 5 different place and I always get bad quality. I when with them and they did a great job. Even I listen a lot of spanish music, they balance everything for any kind of music. You go there as a costumer and leave as a friend, they treat me as a family.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on October 26th 2010

I can't believe the level of customer service. each person is treated as a person and not a paycheck. the level of skill is some of the best that i have seen. 100% recommend to anyone looking to upgrade your car audio/video/or alarm.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on September 26th 2010

I had a full system installed in my truck and was blown away by the install. They went far above and beyond what I could of expected on my sub install. The attention to the small details made the install look almost factory with custom EAS flare. The team at EAS takes pride in their work and it shows. I feel they completed my install like they were working on their own equipment. My girlfriend is planning an install from them and had a quote before we left. I would recommend Elite Audio Solutions to anyone who is looking for a extremely high quality install at a reasonable price from installers who know their stuff. If I ever want to upgrade or get a new vehicle I would defiantly do business with them again! Also if you are shopping around give them a call. The equipment they keep in stock is very high quality. They will also lead you in the right direction for your specific needs if you choose to use something else.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on September 26th 2010

We bought a new stereo at a big box store and went to Elite to get it installed. They did a great job but we discovered the next day that the dash was causing some of the buttons to stick. We took it back and it turned out it was because the install kit I purchased with the stereo was not quite fitting right. Rather than blame the install kit or the big box astore we got it from, they guys at Elite took the problem into their own hands and basically custom created an install kit and fixed the problem. All this great service and they still charged less than anyone else in town. We'll definitely go back to Elite with all of our car audio needs.

Tom M.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on August 31st 2010

From a simple speaker upgrade to high complex system integration, this is the place for car audio in the Springs. They are highly knowledgable, easy to work with, great customer service, perform clean work and run a VERY clean shop. If you are in need car audio in the Springs, go to Elite Audio Solutions.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on August 26th 2010

When I went to Elite Audio Solutions, I could instantly tell that the workers took great pride in what they do. Instead of trying to sell me the biggest and most expensive speakers possible, they suggested giving me the cheaper, correct size speakers for my truck, and doing some extra work on sound-proofing my doors to make the best quality sound system for my specific vehicle and needs. They did the work on my truck promptly, and the final product sounds amazing! They don't allow their work to be finished until everyone is pleased with it. These guys definitely go above and beyond the normal, so if you want someone who truly cares about doing quality work on your vehicle, this is the place to go.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on August 26th 2010

Before going to EAS, I spent some time trying to find another audio shop that looked professional and would give me good service. I was disappointed until I contacted EAS. They were hard to find at first, but once I started working with them, they were awesome. The installation fees were reasonable and I was happy with the stereo they found for me. Definitely recommended, good group of employes. All knowledgeable and willing to help.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 26th 2010

I had to replace the CD changer in my BMW 750Li. Timothy and the other members of Elite Audio Solutions did a great job installing the new CD changer and took excellent care of my vehicle in the process! I would recommend them to anyone for professional car audio installation.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 26th 2010

This is the highest quality shop in town by far, and ive been to all of the shops here in the springs,they took great care of my car and got it done fast,they did exactly what i wanted when other shops couldnt seem to and said it wasnt possible, so i suggest you dont think twice and go see them itll be worth it you wont regret it!

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on June 26th 2010

Honesty. Creativity. Build Quality. Service. Knowledge. These guys are THE place to go for car electronics. You will not be disappointed, but if for some strange reason you are? Sam and Timothy will fix it. They are awesome. If you're looking for great equipment, professional advice, custom installs, and amazing service then your search is me, you've found the right place. Their talent and enthusiasm for their craft separates them from everyone else. This was by far the best car audio experience I've ever had. I was leaving on a road trip in three days. Sam said that it wouldn't be a problem; that they'd get it done. They completed the custom install in two so I could enjoy the drive. I was grinning ear to ear the whole way...simply amazing. EAS rocks! Thanks fellas!

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on June 26th 2010

I don't know car stereos from Adam, but these guys did a great job getting what I wanted done on my M3. iPhone dock installed today in less than two hours, and I have a slick set-up that lets me charge it, play songs, and control it via the OEM buttons. For what it's worth, I was concerned about the phone falling out of the dock during hard driving. I drove the $%^#$% out of it right after getting it installed, and had no issues. Timothy and the gang hooked me up, and gave me a free t-shirt as they sent me on my way. I'll be going back for my V1 hardwire.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on May 26th 2010

I had a FM modulator installed in my car from them and I was having problems with it. I took my car into them and they gave me an upgraded modulator at no extra cost! I was very impressed. They use the highest quality parts and are very thorough with the installation-- if it doesn't meet their standards they will do whatever it takes to make it right. I highly recommend them.

Cory King

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on April 26th 2010

I had a dvd player installed in my Suburban the other day. We dropped it off and went and did some shopping. Before I even made it to the checkout counter I recieved a call telling me that he was half way done. I couldn't believe how quick the installer was. When I picked my vehicle up, he had even made the dvd player fit the contour of headliner. It was better than factory in my eyes. They also made the smallest possible whole in the headliner for the wiring just in case I ever sell or trade the vehicle and I want to take out my dvd screen. Very impressed with the personal service I recieved. Would recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to wait to get what they want. There is nothing worse than getting your KIDS excited about watching movies in the car and then having to wait a week to get an appointment with one of those other shops. Cory King.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 26th 2010

I had a clarion head unit installed, and everyone told me i couldn't do it, or the install would be custom (so $200). I went to elite audio solutions, and they told me it would be no problem. They did a great job, and I cant wait to get a sound system from them. Home Remedies to Get Rid of Constipation - <a href="">how to get rid of constipation</a>?

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 26th 2010

I stumbled across EAS's website when looking for a good audio installer in the Colorado Springs area. I had already bought all of the audio equipment I wanted installed (kenwood headunit, rear camera, performance carputer, and all the accessories and wiring to go with all that) and I had a general idea of how I wanted the install done but I didn't feel I had the car stereo knowledge to do the install myself. EAS far surpassed my expectations. Sam and Timothy are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with and the price was fair. They are passionate about what they do and were genuinely concerned about giving me the best audio installation possible. I will be returning in a few weeks to have them install a Hertz speaker package that will replace the stock speakers and add a subwoofer. Before you go to Car Toys or Best Buy, please call Sam or Timothy at EAS and see what they can do for you.

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Reviewed 5-stars on Google on December 8th 2009

Sam work and knowledge are unparalleled on the local level and beyond for sound quality and seamless installations. Base on work he has done for me and several other jobs I have seen there is no comparison to what he can do. Everyone I have sent there goes on and on about how satisfied they have been. I look forward to using his services again.


Since 2007, we have been pushing the envelope in automotive aesthetic customizations. Our passion in audio spread over the years into other areas to make the full service shop we are today. We take pride in making your vision reality.

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Absolutely the most professional, knowledgable, and skilled stereo shop I have ever seen, hands down. Also very straight forward, honest, and a real pleasure to deal with. This place is the best by far!

- RON PETICA - Google on May 22nd 2019

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