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Amie Larson

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 13th 2019

I got a remote start put in my car and I couldn't be happier. It works GREAT and has made my life so much easier. Alex & Randy were very responsive with texting through the shopmonkey chat throughout the entire process. I felt I had all the information I needed up front before bringing my car in, they were patient with me while I asked a lot of questions. When I came to pick up my car, after it was done, Alex offered to show me the ins and outs to my remote start system to make sure I knew exactly how it worked. I was so thankful he took time to make sure I felt entirely comfortable operating this new feature on my car. I would highly recommend Elite Auto Salon!

Ben Armstrong

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 20th 2019

Got a remote start installed on sale. Technicians were awesome, even showed me some electrical issues with my headlights that I ended up replacing. Staff will try to upsell you but I can't blame them. I got an incredible deal on my remote start. 😁

Ashleigh Hittle

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 6th 2019

This is by far the best in Colorado. Locally owned and operated, superior customer service, they're professional friendly and completely educated on their field. There is an obvious pride in their craftsmanship and final product. Expect a "can-do" experience on any job, a variety of services offered, attention to detail, fair and competitive prices for expert installed products, and always prompt delivery of services. EAS has worked very had to become highly respected in the community, and they'll work just as had to ensure that you'll feel just as respected as their client. EAS goes above and beyond to meet the highest of all standards. It's no wonder they are growing so rapidly. I'll never go anywhere else for anything that EAS can provide. They don't just do car audio, one of the owners, Sam Teeters has now opened Creative Consortium within EAS to do even more amazing things such as screen printing, business signs (lit or unlit), custom fabrication, custom vinyl wraps, wall wraps, banners, display items, stickers, window tint, car detailing services, custom stereo and speaker installation, remote starters, paint protection film, speed detection systems, sound dampening, and more! Any vehicle I ever drive will always rock EAS craftsmanship, they're just that good... but don't take my word for it. Go find out!

Ray H

Reviewed 3-stars on Google on January 16th 2019

Good people and probably good services but couldn't get a remote start for my vehicle for less than $1100. "Normal cars" apparently $600. Euro cars and push to start and apparently it's double the price. I feel like most new cars will be this expensive and that's too bad. I want remote start but not bad enough for $1100+.

Christina Martinez

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 9th 2019

I received a gift certificate for EAS to have a remote starter put in my car. When I went in to redeem it, everything was already paid in full. I dealt directly with Alex and even though I already had my service paid for in advance, Alex really took care of me. He was thoughtful and thorough in what I was getting and what kind of upgrade options I had if I desired. I also asked Alex numerous questions about Bluetooth stereo installation and other equipment. I ended up not purchasing any upgrades or additional items yet, but Alex was patient and very nice about everything. I also had my kids with me and he put on some fun videos for them to watch and kept them entertained. He even showed us all some really cool cars they had in their garage and my boys were really excited about seeing those. When I went to pick up my car after having the remote starter installed, Alex stayed late because I was a little late after their business hours picking up my car. EAS had great customer service and overall I would highly recommend them for your car needs. Give Alex a call and he will take care of you!

arthur mata

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on March 27th 2018

I've been going to Elite Auto Salon for quite some time now. Main reason isn't for there high quality products, awesome costumer service, or the great environment. The main reason is there "integrity", most business in the Springs can promise you the world when it comes to your second home (car). But the moment you leave the lot and pay for there service that's all legally what there responsable for. So say some wires don't go well after a car wash since someone forgot to seal them up, or some how your new dashboard on the system they installed is faulty as hell..... Welp not there problem (not there fault) so you're left high and dry and spending more money on top of what you originally... ......... OK you see we're I'm going here?! Look with Alex and the rest of EAS you are guaranteed not to do deal with that type of hassle. Everyone at EAS are extraordinary group of people with great skill, respect, integrity, and knowledge. In which they make sure you are informed on what you want and or have. Look I know this is long and I'm not an English major, so forgive me on my part for this review. All I'm here to do is to let you know that These guys are great. If you had doubts before on getting a good price, and a quality product for your mobile home. These guys will put you at ease. Update : now they have main man Tony on their side!! So they do shirts..... So fabrics, car audio, wraps, stickers... Jesus these guys do everything now!!!! These guys are changing the game here in the Springs, my statement hasn't changed from the last time, they have gone above and beyond when it comes to their customers. There is no competition when it come to Elite Auto Salon!I

Ryan Hodo

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 15th 2018

Had a remote start installed in my truck here... everything was easy, from setting up the appointment, the communication in between, to picking up the vehicle and having them show me how it all works. Alex was a pleasure to do business with. Will certainly be back for all my car's needs.

Steve Flores

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 15th 2018

I had an alarm and remote start installed in two vehicles, one of them being a manual transmission. Alex did a great job helping me out. He was patient in answering my questions (I was ignorant about remote start and alarm systems) and he told me about additional options and benefits of higher priced systems but he didnt try to up sell me. He was not pushy at all and I appreciate that. When I decided to have them do the work Alex worked with me on scheduling and hiding the small black receiver (if that's what its called) so that I could surprise my wife at a later date. This may seem like a small thing to some but it sure made surprising my wife more fun!! So far I have had zero issue with their product or installation and I DON'T expect to have any, but I have high confidence that IF an issue were to arrise they will take care of me (I don't always have that confidence). Sure, you can get a Car Toys special that's a cheaper price. But I recommend these guys' customer service, quality, and peace of mind that comes with having them do the work.

Jessica Gifford

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 5th 2018

Super knowledgeable and friendly staff! They treat every customer with the same respect and care as the next. Clean facility, first-rate installers. They work with the best products on the market in every aspect. These guys really know their stuff and they're not afraid to show you! They give tours of the facility. Most places won't even let you in the back. This place is an experience, not a store.

Arlene Calixto-Campbell

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on December 21st 2017

Always a pleasure to visit their business. My husband and I have gotten 2 remote start systems, the Drone chip to be sble to start my car when its out of range, and rrmote replacements. They associates are always very nice and most helpful. Alex is great! He is definitely an awesome people person with a great sense of humor. Because they display great customer service, I would recommend this business over and over. A. Campbell

Marco Mott

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 28th 2016

These guys are excellent at what they do. I had them tint the windows on my 2005 Toyota Tundra and couldn't be happier. They did a great job and explained everything in complete details. I was so happy with their work and their friendly and professional manner, that I also went back and had them install a remote start on my truck and it works great. Their service and warranty can't be beat. I would recommend anyone to have their windows tinted there or remote starts installed by them, or any of the other services they offer. Check them out, you won't be disappointed. Thanks guys for all the great work and great service and pricing. Thanks Marco

Elena Blea

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on November 27th 2016

Alex did a fantastic job on my car and gave me a great price! I am very happy with the remote-start installation. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking to upgrade their automotive features. Thanks!

Ian Turner

Reviewed 1-star on Google on February 26th 2016

I set up an appointment to have a radar detector hard wired and I showed up to the appointment only to be told they didn't have the wires. Complete waste of time.

Brad Hager

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 1st 2016

Alex and Tim have been GREAT with everything I have had done at EAS! I have hade remote start put on one vehicle and tint done on 3 other vehicles. Shop is always super clean and organized! Everyone that works there has always been respectful and helpful! If you need anything done that they offer do not hesitate to go see them! They may not be the cheapest around but they have excellent workmanship and take excellent care of your vehicle while they have it in their shop!

Megan L.

Reviewed 5-stars on Yelp on January 23rd 2015

Purchased a remote start from here and was very happy with the prices and very pleased with how well their customer service is. The employees were all nice and very helpful. Will be coming back for more services on my vehicle in the future.

Elizabeth Taylor

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on December 7th 2014

Let me start with saying these guys are awesome. I was helped by Alex and he was very nice and professional. I had a remote start system installed by another company and they installed it wrong. They wired the unit wrong, programmed it wrong, chopped up my cars wiring, was absolutely awful. I called EAS to see what they could do to help me. Alex told me to come in and they would see what is happening. So I took my Jeep in and for free Alex took it in the back and looked everything over for me. He stated that the previous installers did a poor job and that he could fix everything for me. I had gone back to the other company 3 times and they still could not fix my issues so I went back to Alex and had him do the work. He completely un-installed and re-installed the remote start and it now works flawlessly. The install was actually cheaper than what he quoted me. I am so thankful for Alex he really saved the day. I highly recommend these guys they do great work and are actually knowledgeable at what they do.

Sandra Lopez

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on February 10th 2014

These guys are ALL professionals! They have a solution for all of your automotive needs. I got a remote starter installed and am very pleased with the results as well as the product! I will definitely be back for more work!

Greg Whitney

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on January 22nd 2013

I had a remote start and security system installed by the guys at EAS recently and I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. The shop is awesome, Timothy and all the guys there are friendly, professional, and they really love what they do. They take the time to involve you in your upgrade experience, whether it's stereo, remote start, or any of the many other services they offer. One really cool thing is that they don't try to up-sell you on anything. I've gone to a couple other places (Car Toys, Drive-in Auto Sound) and the experience I had at Elite Auto Salon was by far the best. I will definitely be going back when I upgrade my stereo in a few months. Check them out.

Greg W.

Reviewed 5-stars on Dex on January 13th 2013

I had a remote start and security system installed by the guys at EAS recently and I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. The shop is awesome, Timothy and all the guys there are friendly, professional, and they really love what they do. They take the time to involve you in your upgrade experience, whether it's stereo, remote start, or any of the many other services they offer. One really cool thing is that they don't try to up-sell you on anything. I've gone to a couple other places (Car Toys, Drive-in Auto Sound) and the experience I had at Elite Auto Salon was by far the best. I will definitely be going back when I upgrade my stereo in a few months. Check them out.

Nathan Powell

Reviewed 5-stars on Google on December 22nd 2012

The guys over at EAS are top notch. They just moved into a new store at Victor Place and the design factor was taken well into consideration. EAS sells a few high-end brands such as Audison and Hertz (if you get a chance, stop by and demo the Hertz 850XL... you'll never want to go back to stock again.) I took my Chrysler in to have a Viper 5704 installed. Its a very complex system requiring a lot of time and effort. I dropped the car off at 10am and had it back at 6:30pm the same day. I would like to note that they stayed a half-hour past closing time to ensure the job was done correctly and professionally, I couldn't be happier with their customer service. They do more than just 12 volt installs. Some of their services include custom boxes for subs, sound deadening, and detailing. The only thing these guys don't cover is mechanical work. I was throughly impressed with the service at EAS, they are one of the few shops in Colorado Springs who understand that the customer is the most important part of a successful business, they'll be seeing me there quite often.


Reviewed 5-stars on Google on July 26th 2011

When I did some research to see if I could put a remote starter in my vehicle, I was told by all the shops in town that it was impossible. With the CAN BUS communication systems in modern vehicles, you have to be extremely careful who you use for these applications. The other shops in town were not even sure what the CAN BUS system was and how it interfaces with audio systems. These guys are great!! Timothy and Sam know their stuff and are really up front about what works and what to stay away from for your project. They will walk you through what you can do yourself and what is best left to professionals. I can see why they are always working on vehicles from Denver- they are the best period.--------------Phil- 24 June 2011- Colorado Springs


Reviewed 5-stars on Dex on February 4th 2011

These guys are amazing! They do a stellar job and are just nice people. They go way out of their way to keep the customer happy and their prices are very competitive. They installed a remote start/security system in my 08 ford and they took the time to go through all the features, etc. with me till I was satisfied. I will not take my truck anywhere else. Thanks guys for such a great job.


Since 2007, we have been pushing the envelope in automotive aesthetic customizations. Our passion in audio spread over the years into other areas to make the full service shop we are today. We take pride in making your vision reality.

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Average rating of 4.90 stars out of 216 reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Absolutely the most professional, knowledgable, and skilled stereo shop I have ever seen, hands down. Also very straight forward, honest, and a real pleasure to deal with. This place is the best by far!

- RON PETICA - Google on May 22nd 2019

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